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Do you feel like you're drowning in home debt?

Are you tired of being a landlord & property manager?

Is bad credit history holding you back from being a property owner?

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Things Your Bank Doesn’t Want You To Know Revealed In This Report!!!

Banks don’t want you to know that you can actually become the bank when selling your home. 

The Report Realtors Hope You Never See!

There are many different ways to structure the sale of a home. Unfortunately realtors probably only know about 1 of them. 

The Report Your Lender Will Never Tell You About Has Been Revealed!


 Most of the population isn’t aware of the little known rules that put you back in control of your biggest asset.

About Us

Assured Estate Group is a multi level property solution company that helps new and current property owners resolve their issues protect their credit, and put money in their bank.

We provide creative financing options that traditional real-estate companies can't do.

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